Pre-Screen Solutions

Not only does the KNOCK KNOCK Platform help Financial Institutions retain their existing loans with the Reset Solutions but, it also provides a friction-less way to obtain new loans. Our Pre-Screen Solutions completely eliminate the application process. Consumers can open up new consumer loans in just a few clicks. The Financial Institution is in full control of who receives an offer. Every pre-screen offer is personalized for each consumer. 

How it Works

Our digital solutions will provide value to your consumers data.  There are 3 simple steps on how to use the Pre-Screen Solutions. 

1. The Financial Institution will work with their chosen credit bureau to query consumer data to see who is eligible for a Pre-Screen offer.

2. The Pre-Screen offers will be sent to the consumer through our built in Omni-channel marketing capabilities

3. The eligible consumers will digitally review, sign and accept the offers in less than 90 seconds. The accepted offers are then funneled back to the Financial Institutions Core or Loan Origination System. 

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