How It Works

There are 3 simple steps on how to use The Button™

1. The Financial Institution determines their lending criteria. 

2. The Button™ can be accessed on the main website, online banking, emails and, text. It is live 24/7 for consumers to instantly pre-qualify themselves for a Master Credit Limit. 

3.  The consumer electronically signs the disclosures in session and Rate Reset will funnel all completed transactions into the financial institutions systems.  

The Button™

Consumer-Driven Instant Pre-Qualification

SoFi (Social Finance), Lending Club, and Prosper control almost 40% of the consumer lending market. 

Rate Reset has developed a white-label consumer-initiated Instant PreQual solution called "The Button™". The Button™ empowers credit unions with the ability to compete against SoFi, LendingClub, and Prosper by offering current Members and Non-Members the ability to PreQual themselves.


The Button™ can be implemented in 60 days.  The Button™ is easier, faster, and more consumer-friendly; elevating Credit Union’s above the Fintechs and beating them at their own game.


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Why The Button?

The Button
Why The Button?

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